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Hi I am a 16 yr. experienced plumber that started in this trade in 1996 as a helper on a commercial underground job carrying cast iron pipe and digging ditches! I was lucky enough to have a great and patient teacher who was a second generation plumber at the oldest shop in Hickory, NC! The 90's represented quite a building boom and with it opportunity to learn a honest trade that I've come to love. It took me just about 4 years to get into my own truck and with that came a lot more learning of my trade and how to please my employers customers. Lucky for me that was my #1 duty enforced rigidly by my employer! Today with that still as my #1 goal I've found success in my own small business. In fact that's what we all want from anyone we hire or any product or service we buy! Isn't America great the opportunities we are given just for doing the next right thing! For some reason I tend to think of how I would want someone to treat my mother if they were at her house to do work! This often is the catalyst for my attitude and work ethic. I think she's ok with that too!



Meet the Plumber

John Shiver - Master Plumber

John is willing to talk to you on the phone and consult with you before he arrives. Not sure what you need? John has options and is willing to let you decide after providing you with information to help you make the best choices possible for you home and your budget.


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